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The Directorate of Criminal Investigations Facebook page has become a fan favorite since its inception. The page boasts over 450,000 followers and a post usually receives an average of 5k comments full of laughter emojis. The Admin/writer leaves followers in stitches with his unmatched humor to a point that has made netizens doubt whether he is a DCI officer or hired journalist.
Generally, the DCI office receives positive feedback from netizens but a few comments will usually challenge the office to do more, a good example being the case involving the KEMSA BILLIONAIRES and MUSANDO MURDER, both of which remain unsolved to date. This, however, has been overshadowed by the numerous positive results of DCI operations in tackling wider crime.
From arresting serial killers, kidnappers, drug traffickers, and rapists to launching various crime-bursting initiatives and participating in sports, the DCI office with Top Dog George Kinoti, has won the hearts of many though human nature will always demand for more.
We shall now take a recap of some of the many DCI Facebook page posts that have usually brightened what would have been a boring day. We shall also insert a couple of images and fan comments to accompany the images but befor we do so, lets take a look at some popular DCI admin quotes that were previously unheard of.
  1. Imbimbling
  2. Pillon passenger
  3. sleuth
  4. cooling their heels
  5. Hawk-Eyed Sleuths 
  6. Miscreant
Shaba Sports Shooting range in Samburu county is the venue where the Kenya Sports Shooting Federation staged a two-day shooting championship. The tournament  attracted participants from more than 100 countries and was for the first time be opened to the public as the country seeks to introduce the game to members of the public.
Professional shooters including individual sleuths from DCI’s elite Emergency Response Team (ERT) staged their spectacular performance at the range, sitting at the foot of various hills and ranges such as, Shaba, Donyo Sabachi, Olkanjau, Digir Namunyak, Digir Lebendera among others.

This image at the shooting range elicited a lot of response with guys wanting to know whether these 2 were dci sleuths or civilians.

Comments in regards to the two shooting participants above were hilarious.

  1. Allan Juma    With such beauty, i want to get arrested, you have to come and ransack my house without a warrant. I will not resist.
  2. Mwalimu Tonney Bleah  If these are the hawk-eyed sleuths, then this makes becoming a miscreant very tempting…
  3. EDGAR TV Hawa wanapatikana wapi admin si ueke location kindly they are giving Kenyan men sleepless nights
  4. Aɭɓɘʀt Aɭɓɘʀt Me right now in a self shooting competition. Whatever the shot doesn’t matter.


May be a cartoon
     5.John Maloba Bwana DCI jamani. The ones in shorts, are they taken ? Can we shoot our shots on the ones with shorts without fear of being shot and our lives cut short?
      6.Malkia Milka  We must applaud the girl child for venturing in areas previously mainly dominated by our brothers, well done ladies and keep on soaring!



DCI FORENSICS LAB Multi-million DCI National Forensic Laboratory launched by President uhuru Kenyatta

His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta launched the DCI National Forensic Laboratory, in a colourful ceremony held at the DCI headquarters along Kiambu road. While addressing invited guests and DCI staff, the President noted that the laboratory would be a game changer in the manner DCI conducts  investigations and unravels complex crime through scientific evidence-based investigations, adding that the evidence generated at the lab would be key in the expeditious resolution of cases.
He added that the Lab was a key milestone achievement that would assist the Directorate in combating criminal acts such as murders, robbery with violence, terrorism, drug trafficking, money laundering smuggling among others and assist the criminal justice system in identification of suspects through internationally accepted means.
“The evidence led investigations that is enabled through these enhanced forensic capabilities will also help steer the modernisation of the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and ensure that DCI meets the international policing norms and standards,” added President Kenyatta.
This he said would also protect police officers from unfounded allegations that have been there in the past regarding DCI capabilities in the investigation of crimes.
Detectives based at DCI parklands arrested 5 suspects, among them three women for kidnapping a man and demanding a ransom to set him free. In a crime that is gaining currency barely a week after the ‘Basmati Babes’ expose by DCI  detectives, the women are now luring unsuspecting men from social networking sites before leading them to a room where the man is held hostage and asked to buy his freedom.
In a well choreographed plan, the three damsels who were arrested prey for men online, promising them blissful moments with a happy ending and the wowed men easily fall into the trap,  hook, line and sinker. With a special preference for men of caucasian origin, the women lure the smitten men to a house behind Ruaraka’s Naivas supermarket, with a promise of an action packed night from two to three babes depending on ones preference.
But moments before they get down, a rude knock suddenly interrupts the occasion as a man posing as a boyfriend to one of the women suddenly appears, throwing a spanner in the works of an eventful evening.
What follows are demands for a ransom depending on how deep one’s pockets are.

Basmati crew Suspects who lure men and spike their drinks(Basmati Babes) to rob them arrested

Follower comments:
  1. Edwin Buhere Lazy entitled scammers who think they can make money easily by defrauding Kenyans looking for fun and debauchery! Good job on this one! Iwe funzo!

     2.  Vicky Wins Excellent work there, thank you for saving the man. Now I suggest you stop calling those thugs ‘babes”, this is a very important “lovers” slogan and it will loose it’s meaning at this rate.

    3. Lilian C    Halafu Pale Instagram utawapata wanapost #bossmoves #indipendentwoman #strongmoms #softlife #workhardplayhard #Mungumbele 🤣🤣🙆

4.Alinoor Karu With special preference for men of Caucasian origin promising them blissful moments with a happy ending these are modern days Mekatilili and Kinjekitile fighting on behalf of colonial fighters

5.Obi Senior With the babes preference of Caucasian men, it means sisi wakisii tuko safe. The hawk eyed sleuths are doing a great job

6.John Maloba  yaaayeeee ,but DCI you said they were beautiful damsels. These ones have serious mileage yaaawaaaa.

 In this incident, sleuths from a special team that had been on the trail of the babes stormed the house where the victim was being held incommunicado, only to find him stark naked, as the five suspects eagerly waited for an Mpesa transaction of Sh100,000 to set the man free. The man had called his relatives claiming that he had been involved in a road accident and needed Sh100,000 for treatment.
The special agents who had followed cyber forensic leads to the house where the victim was being held, connected the crime to an incident that occurred earlier, where a man was accosted in Parklands and robbed off Sh450,000.
The man has since identified the suspects positively, as those who milked the cash from his bank account in a similar modus operandi. They are Joseph Makau Mulatya, Patrick Wekesa Omosa, Rehema Njeri, Vigilance Mumbi and Hadija Ong’ai.
In this incident, two women were arrested for drug trafficking and a consignment of Marijuana that they were ferrying to Nairobi was impounded. Caroline Mariwa and Nancy Wangare were ferrying over 6 sacks packed with stones of bhang from Busia, headed to Nairobi when detectives finally caught up with them. The product had been neatly arranged in a grey Toyota Wish, KBS 156S, being driven by one of the ladies.

Toyota Wish ferrying Cannabis Toyota Wish with 2 women occupants ferrying Marijuana

Follower  comments:
  1. Rhino K’OgaloLegalize and decriminalise marijuana.
  2. Laban OndiekiR.I.P Hon.Ken Okoth!You did not leave long to see the dreams you championed for go a waste.See now our daughters of Jezebel are being chased for transporting a drug that could cure many chronic diseases in our bodies as wells as hopelessness orchestrated by the oppressive regime that has seen the prize of Lpg gas skyrocket for some goons to raise campaign money.Jah…rastafari
     3. Mercy Charity Waweru It’s good that you arrested them ,but the sad thing this is the last time we see the exhibit,
We know when the dust settles the rest of the owners and some of your officers wataiuza tu….so tuwachisheni PR ….go for the covid and kemsa billionaires ndio tuongee

4.Nyox Kirundi

Kenya should quit its hypocritical stand on cannabis.. this anti cannabis laws came with the colonialists so as to sell tobacco..now these former colonialists have accepted cannabis as medicinal, and here we are seeing Africans pretending to be holier than thou!
5.Kim KimaniNow let’s look at the odds. marijuana not that bad of a substance actually if confronted with whole truth can score much higher than ketepa,chemelil/mumias or keroche products. 2nd,if we got an f1 contestant why jail her rather than promoting her? Kenya desperately needs those dollars!
Prior to their arrest, the duo had engaged Transnational & Organized Crimes (TOCU) detectives in a high-octane highway race, with the lady behind the steering exhibiting all signs of a Formula 1 finalist. In a bid to evade Police roadblocks and deliver their supply successfully, the traffickers had taken the long Nakuru-Nyahururu-Nyeri-Murang’a highway.
However, detectives acting on information received via the #FichuakwaDCI hotline intercepted the vehicle at Saba Saba, leading to the dramatic chase and arrest of the duo.

Godwins Agutu Godwins Agutu is alleged to have been impersonating government officials and receiving hefty bribes

Two suspects masquerading as Anti Corruption officials are currently in police custody, after they stormed into the offices of one Isaac Wandere, a day ago purportedly to investigate a land fraud case.
Led by Gordwins Agutu, a serial fraudster who has had previous run-ins with the law, the two were arrested after they gained entry into the WanderJoy Party headquarters along Kiambu road and began harassing its proprietor demanding for a bribe to allegedly go slow on a land fraud case against him.
The suspects who were driving two top of the range vehicles fitted with strobe lights and well built men hanging precariously on the vehicles’ doors, forcefully gained entry into the premises causing a scene that left workers scared stiff.
The self styled anti graft director and his accomplice David Mburu, who introduced himself as the anti-corruption deputy director, went straight to Wandere’s office and made their demands without blinking an eye. Detectives based at DCI headquarters got wind of the incident and immediately rushed to the premises, two kilometres away.
Immediately after they arrived, the men who had accompanied Agutu and sealed off the compound posing as VVIP security detail while flashing walkie talkies, scampered for dear life towards Karura forest leaving their master and his deputy in the hands of DCI sleuths.
Followers comments:
  1. Njange Maina
    This guy Agutu, he calls himself the Director of Network Action Against Corruption (NAAC). He also disguises himself as an undercover agent but he likes TV interviews like something else. This time round, DCI tuambieni ukweli. Also, pick-up that land case from where these guys left
  2. Odhiambo Victor
    DCI….. I like the way you paint out the picture of how this criminals have been masquerading out here as the said government officials…….the kind of narrative composition you are writing about these criminals even some facilitators can’t fathom while putting on paper at the same time anyway ,congratsto the writer.

    3. Mo Ka Ya Hapo kwa….scampered for their dear life leaving their master and his deputy in the hands of our sleuths….

    Agutu’s history in farud stinks to high heaven….😂😂😂😂 Admin uko sure hujatusi wakubwa (anti graft director)

    4.Denni Mikwa

    This guy Agutu, lives purely on “brains” he goes with the crime trends and sometimes is always ahead. It’s fortunate, unfortunate or both, that he never had a chance to meet the fake judge from nakuru otherwise they would have nullified the upcoming presidential elections and arrested the defendant. He will soon enter somalia and demand for bribes from terrorists.

    5.John Nzomo

    Aaaaargh! DCI yawa! You forget the part: ” an angry mob stood by heavily armed with a consortium of projectiles ready to dismantle their sorry craniums and send them on a direct early visit to their maker! Were it not for our hawk-eyed sleuths who swung into action and saved the miscreants from facing the wrath of the aforementioned mob!… ” Kitu kaa hiyo buana!!

    6.Wambui Wachira

    This agutu was once posted here some times back for having different various crimes of impersonating .goodness so he was not even jailed after all im schoked to see him once more still going around coning people 😅 once more he will get out since our court system its a total fail continue doing what he know best conning..what a country .na sura nayo pia its should be enough to send him cooling his heels in jail
Agutu’s history in fraud stinks to high heaven. When the detectives based at our operations branch checked the DCI criminal database, they discovered that Agutu had previously been arrested in September 2017, masquerading as a Senior Superintendent of Police attached to the Criminal Investigations Department. In his possession were two other employment cards, all indicating that he held senior management positions at the Kenya Revenue Authority and Kenya Pharmacy and Poisons Board.
While masquerading as a surveillance officer in the Pharmacy and Poisons board, the suspect is alleged to have closed down several hospitals for allegedly not meeting certain regulatory requirements.
A woman who was kidnapped  as she headed to work, was rescued by detectives after a 3-hour ordeal in the hands of the kidnappers. The woman , a fruit vendor at City Park had woken up at the crack of dawn and rushed to the bus stop at toll station along Thika road, in a bid to catch an early bus to the city.
At the bus stop, a private vehicle make Toyota Raum KBU 265V, pulled over. The driver asked the woman whether she was headed to Nairobi and when she replied in the affirmative, he offered to drop her at Ngara adding that he was carrying two other passengers who were headed to the city.
Innocently, the fruits vendor boarded the vehicle that sped towards Nairobi. However, upon approaching Kenyatta University, the vehicle took the service lane, made a U-turn at the Engen gas station and sped towards Thika. At this point, it dawned on the woman that the occupants of the vehicle were not innocent passengers but a miscreant gang of three.
The thugs took possession of the woman’s phone and placed a call to her husband demanding for a ransom of Sh30,000, failure to which they would send him her remains in a body bag. He was further warned not to reveal anything to police lest the thugs also come for his neck.
But the husband who was determined to rescue his beloved wife disregarded their warnings and #Fichuad to DCI agents through the DCI toll free line, 0800 722 203.

Kidnap and rape suspect Kidnap and rape suspect who was arrested by DCI sleuths

Followers comments:
  1. Khen WarrenHii ndio jicho pevu miuskia?
  2. Jimmy GakioKidogo kidogo uskie they’re released on bond pending investigations or no enough evidence 🤔
  3. Victor Osigamiscreant kamili hawa si mnafaa kuwamaliza tu, what else after raping someone’s mum in turns? shoot to kill these bad behaved boys bana. For if you spare them into courtrooms, they will bail themselves out, and continue.
  4. Laura MichaelKwani huyu anaona up and down at once😂😂😂😂😂😂
  5. Shadrack BabuWhile I applaud our detective writer for the good job..I feel there are issues that remain sensitive and confidential not to be shared in public. I’m imagining what the family is going through, now that this rape information is out in public.

Samuel Njeru MuthintheCharles Nyagah Mitaru, (Chao)

What a shift are you doing?? Really, I can’t believe my eyes. When did devil become your father in law.
7.Silas MuriithiWhat happened bro Charles na venye alikuwa mtu WA kanisa
Immediately after the call, a specialized team of detectives from the Special Service Unit was scrambled and in a matter of minutes, the team was mobile towards the direction of the kidnappers. Along the way, they were backed up by Juja based sleuths on a mission to rescue the woman. All this while, the thugs were raping the woman in turns, as they made demands for more money from the woman’s friends and relatives.
After 3 hours of intelligence leads, the thugs who kept moving from one location to another were finally cornered at a secluded spot in Kabati area in Kandara, Murang’a county. On sighting the lanky, mean-looking sleuths approaching their vehicle, the thugs attempted to flee but couldn’t match DCI athletic capabilities. All of them were floored a few meters from the vehicle. The 35-year-old woman was finally rescued but unfortunately, the miscreants aged between 24-27 had raped her repeatedly.
A suspected serial Killer and Rapist who has been the nightmare of Ruiru residents was arrested.
Paul Magara Morara, 29, who had killed three ladies and seriously injured four , was arrested  in a scrupulous operation by Ruiru-based detectives, who were acting on an attempted murder report.
Shockingly, Magara had remained in the detectives list of wanted persons since 2020, but the masked hitman was only known by his alias name, Mkisii. According to DCI Ruiru , the masked Magara occasionally struck ladies in the hours of darkness, killing and seriously injuring some before removing and escaping with their panties. It all started with one such shocking incident in 2020 at Kiunguru area around Ruiru Bypass, when a woman who had been seen with a man a night before was found dead in her room, with one of her breasts chopped off.
Following the scanty leads obtained from the crime scene, detectives pursued the anonymous perpetrator for months but in vain. Later, a young lady who worked at a hair company was found murdered at a local lodging in a similar style, moments after she was spotted with Magara. After months of receiving several related murder and attempted murder incidents all reported by female victims, another lady was found murdered in her rental house at Magorofani area of Wataalam.
The mysterious agent of death had caused untold panic and terror in the area, with word having it that a vampire was roaming in the dark hunting down women. The killer struck , by breaking into the house of two sisters aged 18 and 19, where he stabbed and left them for the dead. One of them was admitted at Kenyatta National Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit.
As pursuit for him heightened, the bloodthirsty monster crept into the house of a couple when they were deep asleep early morning yesterday, stabbing the woman at the neck and vanishing in the dark in seconds.
The husband rushed his 22-yr-old lactating woman to hospital, amidst shock as to how their attacker managed to master their padlock from outside, execute the attack and disappear as he soundly snored.
Follower comments:
  1. Sheila LyonaI don’t think we should use our taxes to feed such monsters in prison. Death row asap.
  2. Mbatia Rowel
    It seems like criminals,especially sexual offenders have taken their “game” to a higher level,this days they not only defile,or rape their victims,but they also kill them in cold blood.And what is more worrying is that we have so many such criminals roaming the country.Everyone should watch his or her back,ni kubaya saana.

    3.Kelvin NjoguThis now is serious. The law in asian countries is a bit harsh and ruthless but should be applied to some criminals.. what’s the need of keeping such blood thirsty animals among people??

    4.Lilianne LilyThis guy hammered me and my friend and she never made it alive 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪RIP Lovie Loveynce
    5.Stephen WaruiThis is mental health issues, I’m happy that Directorate of Criminal Investigations – DCI have arrested him and put a halt to his detrimental behavior and acts BUT very disappointed that they have masked his face yet they put the full 3 names of victims who are endangered witnesses for all sundry #FichuakwaDCI
Believing that the attacker was still around Wataalam at that early hour, police in Ruiru launched a thorough comb of the area, luckily managing to nab four suspects and recovering a mobile phone that belonged to one of the sisters attacked in an earlier    incident. Hours of interrogations on the four revealed that one of them, 25-year-old Moses Moogi Okemwa was an accomplice of the prime suspect, who jointly executed some of the attacks.
Ruiru detectives who had camped metres from the house of Magara’s brother ambushed the prime suspect as he headed to have breakfast at his kin’s place. As early as 6am, the dusty 29-year-old had a backpack containing a hammer, 7 female panties and an electrical bulb holder.
Further investigations revealed that Magara joined a cult back in 2013, which promised to be paying him for every kill on a woman. Strangely, showing a woman’s pants would confirm that he indeed deserved a pay. He had however been double-crossed after a Sh30,000 down-payment, but continued with the monstrous attacks

Boniface Ouko who conned job seekers Boniface Ouko conned job seekers but had his date with DCI sleuths

The main suspect behind a fake jobs racket that has been defrauding jobseekers their hard earned money, by promising them nonexistent jobs at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, has been arrested by detectives.
Bonface Ouko, the mastermind behind the scam was lured to a trap laid by  JKIA based detectives  before being arrested. Prior to his arrest, the 29-year-old suspect had presented a fake letter of offer to a detective posing as a jobseeker. The detective had been offered a financial analyst position, in the offer letter purported to have been issued by eurocraft agencies, a ground handling company at the country’s aviation hub.
Follower comments:
  1. George WainainaSince the handshake i can see our brothers from the lake are tying to catch up with their counterparts from the mountains come slowly mr. Peter Kamuri alias Ouko. 😂😂😂#Good work team DCI.
  2. Kenneth OlayoHow people fall for these scams I don’t know. How can someone be promising you a lucrative job, yet he himself looks like he hasn’t had a proper meal in days?
  3. Moses Mosiah NthunthiNa Akona kichwa iko kombo ama ni nyinyi mmetilt kidogo juu ya interrogation???
  4. Reuben MainaCrime number#1 pretending to be Okuyu to make his evil doing sound more cultural ☹️☹️ #2 to the new admin posting this ” we need our God chosen narrator back please… No hard feelings 😴😴😴
  5. Benard McDonald NudiHe almost coned me last year after a connection by a friend, we even met at junction mall where he made me pay parking fee,and pay his car fuel, I was to pay him 15000 upon receiving my job letter, fortunately I was smart enough and demanded that he send a screenshot of my said letter from his comp, after which he blocked me and later on abused me on whatsapp
  6. Ken LastbornWell done DCI, but we need our narrator back,, we know his handwriting.. We’re all in the state of quagmire. Kindly investigate.
    This is pure forgery
To conceal his true identity, Ouko had adopted a fake name, Peter Kamuri and developed a fake eurocraft security pass bearing the name. He would charge his victims various kinds of fees, before offering them the fake letters of offer. They included medical fees, security pass fee, interview fee and uniform fee among others.

Ilustration of a prisoner escaping Illustration of a prisoner escaping from lawful custody

(Sunday Special)
A remandee escaped from police custody  after being escorted outside the cell at Industrial Area police station to take a bath.
In the 5am incident that left officers at the station perplexed, the remandee escaped after being allowed to take a shower as the officer who was guarding him attended to other duties.
Follower Comments:
  1. Fardh Thigalu. Pitter patter najua ni ile ina involve kasuku ya kimbo na ndoo ya maji baridi.
    Na unajimwagilia ukirukaruka vile broke men hufanya time ya coitus😂
    2.John Maloba  Lakini DCI jamani. I was just chilaxing mdogomdogo enjoying my weed alafu you come up with this to hurt my ribs !! Surely !

    3.Eng. Sammy P. OnyangoThe public will always play the role of watch’king..

    The way DCI has been proactive and swift in the delivery of services, we should reciprocate by giving information that assists in all ways.

    4.Muga Kothoth

    The officer became suspicious that all was not well when the pitter-patter of splashing water suddenly stopped, followed by an eerie silence. When he went to check, he was confronted by a half-full basin of lathered water, a piece of kipande soap and the prisoner’s clothes. The remandee was nowhere to be seen.😅😅😅😅😅😅🤛
The prisoner 19-year-old Erickson Khata, had been arrested and arraigned at Makadara law courts on July 19, for the offence of defilement contrary to section 8 of the sexual offences act. Earlier that morning, Khata had requested to be allowed to take a bath and an officer manning the report office had escorted him to fetch water and take his bath. But no sooner had the officer given the prisoner some privacy than the 19-year-old escaped in his inner-wear leaving the rest his clothes behind.
The officer became suspicious that all was not well when the pitter-patter of splashing water suddenly stopped, followed by an eerie silence. When he went to check, he was confronted by a half-full basin of lathered water, a piece of kipande soap and the prisoner’s clothes. The remandee was nowhere to be seen.


A man who has specialized in defrauding single vulnerable women who are on their way to retirement was yesterday arrested by detectives. Wycliffe Amakobe Omunga, targets lonely women who are about to receive their pension before showering them with sweet nothings and promises of a blissful retirement together.

After being swept off their feet, the lovestruck women are duped into starting businesses with the con who then disappears with their entire savings leaving them heartbroken and desolate.


Wycliffe Amakobe Wycliffe Amakobe makes a living off retiree ladies

In one such instance, a woman who had just received Sh780,050 from a pension scheme was swindled the entire amount by the con. This is after she was tricked into a love affair with the man, who later advised her that they should jointly start a water refilling business.

Oblivious of his intentions, the woman gave him the money to start it and that marked the beginning of her woes. What started as a blossoming love story and a joint retirement venture ended in premium tears. The relationship immediately crumbled like a house of cards after the man disappeared with entire amount.


If you thought witch doctors were only used to cause harm in society, you better reconsider your thoughts as a witch doctor in Botsotso, Kakamega county, used his magical powers to track down livestock thieves and bring them to book.
In an incident that brought activities in Emusanda village to standstill, three men who had been attacked by a swarm of bees emerged, carrying on their shoulders the stolen goat and a calf, as they bleated and mooed onomatopoeically, like the animals.
This after the owner of the livestock Tolibert Imbiakah, 42, visited the benevolent witch doctor, after waking up two days ago only to find the animals missing from their pen.
Follower comments:
  1. Achi Mariam “Bleated and mooed onoematopically like the animals”
    “They carried the animals aloft bleating and mooing rhythmically.”
    It’s the rusungu for me

    2.Emmeldah Beryl DCI did you say Onomotopoeically?

    Wuuuueh! I need to visit DCI offices for English lessons
The witch doctor visited the man’s compound and conducted some rituals at the enclosure while mumbling some incantations, then left telling the owner not to worry as the thugs would come looking for him after two days.
True to his words, today at 10am, three men Hillary Momanyi, 22, John Bukhazio 28 and Winston Mutiele, 20, emerged, their hands mobbed by swarms of bees as they carried the animals aloft bleating and mooing rhythmically.
The owner of the animals emerged and positively identified his stock as the witch doctor took possession of his bees before handing over the apologetic thugs to authorities.
Detectives based at Kileleshwa in the upmarket Kilimani suburbs, foiled an armed attack aimed at two businessmen last evening. This followed a tip-off received by the officers, who quickly pounced on the suspects in the nick of time, just before staging their attack.

Armed robbery suspect An armed suspect who had his face rearranged by the public

Follower comments:
  1. Tabs G TabzYour English teacher should be rewarded.. The imagination takes one to scene of crime from the comfort of his/her house.
  2. Clement MuriukiBut before Miheso handcuffed the thug and led him to the police station, an angry mob of nduthi men that was chasing closely behind baying for his blood, descended on him with an avalanche of blows and kicks, disfiguring his dental arrangement and gifting him a swollen eye.😆😆😆😆Atí they did what???😆😆🤣🤣
  3. Bartunen Rutto“SWEPT OFF HIS FEET”..Admin, you sound romantic while narrating serious issue. Ama uko Naivasha??
  4. Hajj Nur HajjDisfiguring his dental arrangements before gifting him a swollen eye. hawk eyed cpl miheso 😂 my instructor at national police college
  5. Guymos NjengaFor compositions, let your kids follow DCI for good, proper and comprehensive language
  6. Ochieng Kopiyo
    The writer of this script MUST have been a literature student. he not only gives what we call, “vivid description,” of events as they unfolded but also bringing out the highest degree of humour in it. these elements make his/her post captivating…!!! he then crowns it with a picture that matches the post, probably as a prove to all that he/she has said. very creative… 🤣Daniel Oguma come and see one of our own baa…🤣🤣🤣

    7.Robbinson OdhiamboAnd Bwana DCI what happened to his face because all I can see are bumps and potholes😂😂.

    Anyway you can be called Musungu but you cant escape kisungusungu.
    Let Twaak Makendeee continue……..back to you in studio
    8.Mwangi CollinsImagine him desperately trying to open a phone with facial recognition

    9.Sam Apuot This guy reminds me of a character named Quark from the Star Trek series that we used to watch as children.

    May be an image of 1 person
The thugs who were using a motorbike as their getaway means were cornered along Laikipia road in Kilimani, by the hawk eyed officers who ordered them to surrender immediately. But the thugs defied the order and escaped in different directions leaving the bike behind, prompting a chase that pit the thugs against the officers.
It wasn’t long before one of the thugs was swept off his feet by the long legged Corporal Miheso, catapulting him to the air for a moment before he landed on the ground with a thud. There’s no way the thug would have gotten away from Miheso, a former physical trainer at the National Police College main campus – Kiganjo.
But before Miheso handcuffed the thug and led him to the police station, an angry mob of nduthi men that was chasing closely behind baying for his blood, descended on him with an avalanche of blows and kicks, disfiguring his dental arrangement and gifting him a swollen eye.

Illustration of thieves seeking witchcraft help Illustration of sleuths bursting criminals seeking help from a witch

Sunday Special
Criminals have resorted to witchcraft and other unorthodox methods, in a bid to evade detection  our hawk-eyed detectives, as DCI intensifies its onslaught against criminals and criminal gangs in the country.
Recently, detectives based at the elite Crime Research & Intelligence Bureau (CRIB) supported by their Special Services Unit (SSU) counterparts, pounced on a suspect who took off with Sh 4million, from her employer three weeks ago.
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  1. Abiud OluochYour cartoonist is top of the game, now I have a rough idea how the Sleuths look like.. they’ve always been faceless until now🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  2. Directorate of Criminal Investigations – DCI kindly get this witch doctor a corner office. Ensure he’s well supplied with the right tools of work (bees, dry bones, dirty old nails, black feathers e.t.c) ,Miscreants will have no place to hide.
  3. Nyambu GitauHapa mlikosea waluhya heshima kidogo, unagonga kichwa ya mtu na kuku?
  4. Bonface KinungiDCI you should also investigate those wagangas kwani hakuna ata mmoja huwa anatimbu nguvu za kike. Ama all women are powerful
  5. Emmeldah BerylAti DCI Riswa 😂😅😅😀😀😀!
    Kudos to the Sleuth cartoonist and Sleuth script writer always serving the country, updating us and entertaining us at the same time!
The suspect identified as Miriam Mwelu, who was accompanied by her partner Timothy Akoi, were found at a renowned witch doctor’s house in Gachie, Kiambu county, where Mwelu had gone to seek ‘protection’ from DCI sleuths . The detectives arrived in time as the suspect was being immersed in a basin containing a concoction of blood drawn from a dead fowl, whose features resembled those of a cockerel.
Upon noticing the detectives, the elderly witch doctor pronounced endless incantations in an attempt to keep them at bay, but that did not deter the sleuths from executing their mission much to the bemusement of Mwelu, who had closed her eyes expecting the sleuths to vanish.

Mutuma M’Nairobi

🤣 Admin anafaa aongezewe mshahara. Lakini kwanza aweke video

Chris Kirwa  

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 The Award for Hilarious Admin goes to !
D C I 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Kimutai Kemboi

Hii page inakuanga na episodes kali kuliko za Netflix …..pitter patter
It’s the work of the justice system to deal with this crimino. Mine is to congratulate the writer. Indeed this writer is commendable. He/she leaves you in a suspense such that you want to continue reading even though the story has ended
I’ve been asking for the contacts of this cop who notifies us (The public) with good English to have a chai for the good work done but my pleas bears no fruits. I love this part, “But before Miheso handcuffed the thug and led him to the police station, an angry mob of nduthi men that was chasing closely behind baying for his blood, descended on him with an avalanche of blows and kicks, disfiguring his dental arrangement and gifting him a swollen eye.
The thug writhed on the ground in pain begging for forgiveness, as the unforgiving nduthi men jostled for an opportunity to deliver a blow on his face.”

Tabs G Tabz

Your English teacher should be rewarded.. The imagination takes one to scene of crime from the comfort of his/her house.
Tunataka huyo DCI Officer running this page apewe promotion na aongezewe mshahara.
Hao Police Officers wako Station gani?



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